Before & After School Program FAQ

Q: Who do I contact when I have questions, comments or concerns?

For information regarding your child’s program, please contact your Area Director.


For Billing Information:

Misti Schwark

Billing Specialist

417-862-8962 ext. 2126

For Financial Assistance (State & Y) Info:

Amanda Black

Business Manager

417-862-8962 ext. 2132


Q: Why did the Y stop offering part-time?

To improve the quality and consistency of our child care programs and provide a better program experience for children because staff will be able to focus more on children and less on paperwork. Additionally, the part-time option was misused by families who were enrolled and paying for part-time service, but sending kids full-time, which caused staffing, space, and equipment concerns.

Q: Why are Before (AM) & After (PM) separate programs when I register?
In order to better serve our families, we allow parents/guardians to register children for only AM, only PM, or for both AM & PM. For example, families who do not require AM, can elect only PM and vice versa.


Q: Why do I have to register for the Before & After School Program every year in person?
The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) licenses our programs and requires an in person “interview” each year. DHSS allows us to count an in-person registration process as the “interview.”


Q: If my child(ren) is enrolled in the Before &/or Afterschool Program, why do I have to pay for my child to attend the School Days Out program?
The School Days Out program is a separate program. Tuition fees for School Days Out are not factored in to your Before & Afterschool program tuition fees.


Q: Why doesn’t the Y provide care at my child’s school during School Days Out?
The Y does not have access to school buildings when school is not in session.


Q: Why don’t you accept state assistance for the School Days Out programs?
Our School Days Out programs are not currently licensed by/registered with the State of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, therefore we do not offer state assistance. We are in the process of working with the state to see if this can be changed.


Q: If I am applying for State or Y assistance, why do I have to pay the registration fee and a full tuition payment when I register my child?
Scholarships and state copays are income based, subject to approval, and only cover part of the tuition (only Foster/Adopt is 100%). You are required to pay the registration fee and first full tuition payment so that you do not fall behind on your payments and so your account does not have late fees while waiting on approval. If you are approved for assistance, those tuition fees paid are credited to your account.


Q: Why must I have a minimum of 32 working hours per week in order to receive a scholarship?
Our Before and/or After School Programs are to provide quality care for families whose parents/guardians are working or attending college and are unable to care for their child(ren) for those reasons. Exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis for extreme situations.


Q: Why is there a maximum enrollment at my child’s Before and/or After School site?
The Y Before & After School Programs are licensed by the State of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and capacities are determined based on the facility, number of bathrooms, tables/chairs and equipment that is available.


Q: Why do I pay the same tuition during months when there are less school days?
Before &/or After School Programs are a school-year long program. It has an annual fee divided equally over the school year with payments due on the 1st & 16th. This payment plan includes only days school is in session. The fee remains the same regardless of the number of school days per month. Consistent amounts on consistent days make it easier for families to budget


See our policy on staff conduct with minors.

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