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The Ozarks Regional YMCA is proud to have been featured in the Springfield Business Journal's 2017 Giving Guide. This guide highlights our community service, our goals, our events, how you can volunteer and honors our board members.

Building Champions

ROY BLUNT YMCA OF BOLIVAR- Referee Isaac McCay coaches five and six year-old soccer players throughout the soccer match. “Okay, who hasn’t had a turn to kick it? Okay, Levi, you’re going to kick it. How many times do you get to kick it? That’s right, one time.” “Is everyone behind the white line? Check your toes; everyone should be behind the white line.” And on he goes for the entire match. He instructs. That’s right; at the Y we do developmental sports. Developmental sports are for learning, exploring and sometimes just for sampling. Since cognitive, motor and social developments vary from child-to-child, developmental sports are a great place to start your child. In Bolivar we also have a

Join A Cause For Community

Ozarks Regional YMCA- When dealing with life’s daily demands, people need a place to go where they can feel supported and receive help in trying times. A place where adults can find life balance; children can reach their full potential; seniors can be active and find camaraderie; and families can connect and strengthen relationships. By becoming involved with the Ozarks Regional YMCAs, individuals have the opportunity to improve their health and well-being and connect with the community, all while participating in their favorite program or activity at the Y. “The Y is a community that is dedicated to helping individuals achieve a balance of spirit, mind and body,” says Katie Tonarely, Member

The Y Brings Us Together

Ozarks Regional YMCA- Before and after school care, youth sports, group exercise classes and community programs all help strengthen community bonds and instill a sense of togetherness for everyone involved. In a time where communities are more divided than ever, the Y is a key resource to bridge gaps, bring people together and strengthen relationships among “Us,” including the youth, adults and seniors who contribute daily to the betterment of our community. Through our year end giving campaign, the Ozarks Regional YMCA has been successful in achieving this goal. The Y understands the importance of learning from one another and helping all of us to reach our fullest potential. Here in the O

Partnering Against Hunger

Ozarks Regional YMCA- Social Responsibility is one of the 3 pillars of the YMCA. Here in the Ozarks, we know that when we work together, we move individuals, families and our community forward. The Ozarks Regional YMCA responds to society’s most pressing needs by developing innovative, community-based solutions to help those in need reach their full potential. We are also committed to inspiring a spirit of service by uniting individuals from all walks of life to participate in and work for positive social change. We are thrilled to announce that we have received a $50,000 grant from YUSA. $30,000 of this grant will enable us in partnership with The Fairbanks to provide dinner 5 nights a week

Lessons That Last A Lifetime

Lebanon Family YMCA- So many of us think of swim lessons when summer rolls around but swimming is a skill that will stay with us for a lifetime. Jaeger was terrified of the water when he arrived for his first lesson. After a few minutes of watching the others in class blow bubbles and play with their magic soap, Jaeger began to blow bubbles as well. He made friends, he became acclimated to the water and most importantly, he learned to ASK PERMISSION before entering the water. Jaeger left swim lessons with a new found favorite activity and has participated in several more sessions since.

For a Bright Future

Ozarks Regional YMCA- The School Age Service department is privileged to help many families and their needs in different ways in the Springfield area. The various ways the SAS department helps these families is by providing financial assistance to those who cannot afford the programs and by sending their children home fed and healthy every day after school. Altogether, we have programs at 31 different locations throughout our community. Each program provides food and a safe environment for the children we are serving. Some activities we incorporate in the programs include Club Activity, Healthy Snack, Tutor Table, Active Play, and Friend Time. Club Activity is a time we use for character dev

Food, Fun & Friendship

Cassville YMCA- My mom likes to say that food is my love language. This is true and I love to cook food even more than I enjoy eating it. Hosting big gatherings is something of a hobby. There are few activities I love more than staying up all night tending to the smoker and getting ready for a big crowd of friends and family. Food does much more than nourish our bodies. As humans we desire to climb Maslow’s pyramid and get to a place where we are free to pursue our personal happiness. Food is one of the few things we find at all levels and that grows and changes with us. At the base of the pyramid, food is a basic need to keep calories in our body. It’s important that those calories come f

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