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Many Kinds of Health

Monett Area YMCA- The Game Room at the Monett Y isn’t just for kids. Many adults come to shoot a game of pool, play ping pong, or play other games. A very regular sight in the early afternoon are Bob and Rose Brown, who live just south of Aurora. Bob and Rose have been coming to the Y for the past three years since Bob started dialysis. They came at first so he could get healthier. Each time the come they use a combination of strength machines and a recumbent elliptical, treadmill, or walk on the track. During the 22 years they’ve been married, going camping has been a favorite activity. They continue to do this, but aren’t able to travel as far from home anymore due to Bob’s health

Member Spotlight: Maxine Bridges

Meet Maxine Bridges. In February of 2003, Maxine joined the YMCA as a Silver Sneaker member. At age 90 Maxine participates in Silver Sneakers Classic at least 3 times a week. Teaching her is such an amazing thing for me. She is an inspiration! She started exercising regularly in 1993 at the Community Center in Branson 3 times week. She volunteers at the public Library Thrift Shop 4 times each month. Her advice for staying healthy is to eat healthy and stay active. Her mother, who lived to the age of 106 gave her the advice never to worry; it doesn’t do any good. She said that she has followed her mother’s advice and she is not a worrier. Maxine just planned a trip to go on a Danube River Cru

A New Way To Look At the New You

The ball has dropped, the confetti has been thrown and the noise makers have been retired for another year. Now is the time that people start thinking about a New Year’s resolution, and whatever that resolution happens to be, more often than not, it ends the same way. We start strong in January but by the time April comes around those resolutions are all but forgotten. Here are a few suggestions to help both ourselves and our members stay on track: The first is to not try to change everything about yourself all at once. We have all built up our bad habits over time, so we need time to break these habits as well. So start with smaller, realistic goals. For instance if your goal is to get in b

It's the Little Things

It’s not every day that I go to workout and see a sticky note reminding me how awesome I am stuck to the treadmill I’m hopping on. Yet, sticky notes started popping up everywhere at the Pat Jones YMCA. “Keep up the hard work!” “You’re doing great!” and more. Normally, I avoid clutter, but these notes started making members smile. Soon, I heard the chatter. ‘Did you see a note today?’ I heard members ask each other. Soon, after some investigating, I discovered that my intern and volunteer, teenager Kayte Garand, had been placing the notes around the Y to anonymously encourage members. Garand offered her volunteer services to me as a way to stay busy and get some experience in a fast-paced wor

Here For Our Community

The relevance of reading to children, not just for quiet time or entertainment, but also for social responsibility. At the Lebanon Family YMCA we had a special guest join us to read a book he wrote about his three sons and what they like. The kids were excited to ask questions as the book was read and were thrilled to have an opportunity to meet a “celebrity” as they called him. Their faces were beaming with delight! Our guest was our very own, Jacques A. Walden, Sr. Jacques is a beloved Zumba instructor at our Y! He is a shining example of the YMCA values and mission. He jumped at the opportunity to give back noting that he would love to do more of this for children in the future. We a

Cooler Than Cool

The 38th Annual Polar Bear Run will happen on February 24, 2018. Lullel Hickman will be running it for the 37th time. Lullel began taking part in the winter event when the City of Bolivar administered the race and continued when the Y took over operation about ten years ago. His one absence from the race was the result of a high fever. The race draws about 200 runners from all over the region and beyond. One woman drives from Ohio every year and a married couple comes from Henderson, Nevada. The draw? We’re told it’s the sweatshirts. Runners learn the different swag awarded at each race and like to pick them up like tokens from a game.

The Benefits of Nature

YMCA Camping was created to assist in developing youth. In 1885 Sumner Dudley took 7 boys for a week of camping at Orange Lake, N.J. and with the mission of developing these boys into young men. By its very nature camping develops those who participate. Groups must work together to set up camp, gather firewood, cook meals, play games, sing songs and put on skits. Just about anything and everything has the group working as a team to complete a task or project. The campers at Camp Wakonda, range in age from 8-18, also gain a sense of independence not easily reproduced in today’s society. “An indoor (or backseat) childhood does reduce some dangers to children. But other risks are heightened, in

Cooking For a Cause

Each January at the Dallas County Area YMCA in Buffalo, a team of volunteers and staff put in hours of hard work to pull off the annual Chili Cook Off, facility’s biggest event of the year. The big night consists of plenty of entertainment which starts with a competition of multiple teams from the Dallas County area to see who can make the best batch of chili. A live band plays favorites such as “Take Me Home, Country Roads” while the crowd enjoys sampling chili and conversing with other members of the community. The event ends well into the night with an auction of donated goods from local vendors and individuals. While the Chili Cook Off itself is a huge event for the community to enjoy it

The Y Feeds Kids

When 650-750 area children rely on the Ozarks Regional YMCA for a snack or meal, transportation is often an overlooked necessity. The Five Star Meal Program provides 17 local schools an after school snack. To help facilitate the transportation of healthy snacks, the Wal-Mart Foundation funded a grant that was used to purchase a “new-to-us” van. The new van helps our local kids stay healthy and happy in our after school programs, where they participate in enrichment programs, physical activities and school work, too. Many of the children in the program receive free and reduced lunches, so this additional food security takes one less stress off of local low-income families, according to Dana

Growing Our Mission

At the Ozarks Regional YMCA, we are growing our mission, by keeping our roots in our community. Daily, our communities face new challenges that create a greater need for the work we do. Where some see obstacles, we see opportunities for our members, volunteers, staff and generous donors like you to make a difference. No other nonprofit organization can impact as many people as powerfully as we do every day. Each year, through our Annual Campaign, 100% of your donation directly supports financial assistance and program subsidies for your friends and neighbors. Through community donations, corporate giving and staff campaign, we are able to raise much needed funding that can immediately impact

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