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Practice Pays Off

Branson Ultimate Gymnastics, located at the Ozark Mountain Family YMCA in Hollister, wrapped up its season at the Branson Classic meet held at the Branson Convention Center. Over 800 gymnasts from Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri competed. The Xcel Bronze team received 1st Place with a total 113.35 points, and the top three All Around gymnasts. Maci Moore, 1st All Around in the 8 year old division and first place on beam, with a total 36.6 points. Angie Perla also placed first on vault, bars and beam with an All Around score of 37.925 earning 1st place in the 10 year old division. Charlee Davis, placed 1st All Around and on vault with a total score of 37.925 in the 9 year old di

Meet Our Board President: Shannon Boggs

The Ozarks Regional YMCA is excited to introduce Shannon Boggs as our board president for the 2018 term. Shannon is a Senior Financial Adviser and Assistant Vice President with Merrill Lynch in Springfield. Growing up in St. Charles, MO, Shannon began his Y journey playing T-ball at the age of 4 and continued to play Y sports through his childhood. He spent his college years at the University of Missouri and graduated in 1991. He later relocated to Springfield where he started his career and family. Shannon involved his daughters, Riley and Chloe, in Y soccer and basketball while also serving as coaches for their teams. In his spare time, Shannon can be found playing basketball or racquetba

How To Keep Kids Active and Engaged All Summer

Summer is a time when children can let their imaginations run wild! From creating their own to plays to building forts in the backyard, there’s no limit to what kids can dream up—provided their properly supported. The Y wants to ensure all kids in the Ozarks awaken their summer imaginations through healthy eating habits and physical activity. Because when a child is happy, healthy, motivated and excited something amazing is inevitably going to result. As children grow and reach their true potential, they can accomplish great things. That’s why we’re hosting Healthy Kids Day, a chance to help ensure families have the tools they need to help kids stay active and engaged all summer long. The an

Getting Inspired To Try Something New

Every so often I have a conversation with someone who changes my perspective or enlightens me. There are probably few of us who haven’t been reluctant to try something new and possibly intimidated to join in an activity, wondering if you will “fit in” or even have the physical ability to participate. Recently I had one such conversation with a dedicated Y member. It was a great reminder of how wonderfully adaptive our group exercise staff are in every class they teach. “Where Everyone is Welcome!” is not just a Y slogan to them, it is a truth that is instilled in every class they teach, welcoming newcomers and participants of every age and ability. She wanted to inspire others who may feel i

Unplug To Connect

Amazing things happen when young people unplug and reconnect with others! Y Summer Day Camp provides a fun and safe experience for young people to learn new skills, build self-confidence and make lasting friendships. Sometimes the best way to recharge our batteries is to unplug them! While we recognize the importance of technology we also know that really amazing things happen when young people unplug and reconnect with others! At the Ozarks Regional YMCA, we have an action packed program planned this summer, where young people can make new friends while having a whole lot of fun. The trained and dedicated staff, age-appropriate activities, field trips, team building, sports and crafts come

What to Do If Your Child Reports Abuse

It can be very hard for children and young people to reveal abuse. Often they fear there may be consequences. Some delay telling someone about abuse for a long time, while others never tell anyone, even if they want to. Children value being believed and, as the adult they have chosen to tell, it's vital that you act on what you've been told. Your reaction has a powerful influence on how your child responds. Here are good ways to respond: Stay calm. Staying calm at a time like this will be very difficult for you. Avoid overreacting or expressing shock or outrage. Try not to cry. Listen. Listen carefully to what they tell you. Your child will be scared and may not give you many details. Ask qu

Five Internet Safety Rules for Kids

Kids may sound like they're Internet savvy, but they still need rules and guidance to make sure they make safe choices when they're online. Talk about who they can communicate with and what sites they can visit. Do not allow your child to download anything without permission. Tell your child never to share personal information such as their name, address, telephone number, parent’s work address or phone number, or the name and location of their school without parent’s permission. Encourage them to tell a trusted adult if they receive any message or come across anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, scared, or confused. Tell your child they must never meet in person with anyone they mee

How to Talk With Children About Abuse

Open, ongoing communication with your children goes a long way in ensuring they are physically and emotionally safe so they can continue to learn and thrive. The more open communication you have with your child on serious topics like abuse and personal safety, the more likely your child will come to you for help and be able to say no to potential abuse. 3 ways you can teach your child to stay safe: Teach them the names of their body parts. You want them to know the names of their body parts so they have the words to tell you if something is wrong. When you start teaching your child names of body parts like eyes, ears, nose, elbows, and knees, include private parts like breast, bottom, penis

Recognizing the Signs of Child Abuse

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Y is making sure everyone in the community has the tools they need to recognize the types of child abuse and watch for warning signs. Most abuse happens by people youth know and trust. Abusers can be caretakers, friends, neighbors, activity leaders, parents, relatives and even other youth. Child abuse can take many different forms: Emotional abuse is the use of threats or words that can harm a child’s feelings and self-esteem and the withholding of love and support. Examples include ridicule, rejecting, blaming, or communicating unrealistic expectations. Physical abuse is the deliberate injury of a child by any person, including by another child

7 Ways the Y Keeps Your Child Safe

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness of -- and most importantly -- preventing child abuse. The Ozarks Regional YMCA youth participate in a wide variety of programs, including child care, camping, sports, aquatics, mentoring, leadership and more. Those programs follow the principles of youth development, which includes the belief that children need to be physically and emotionally safe in order to learn and thrive. This month we are equipping our community with information and guidance on how to talk about child abuse and personal safety with their children. It is important to know the policies of any program or organization before allowing children to

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