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Giving By Doing

As you welcome in the new year with exciting goals and fun plans (and, perhaps, a new workout and meal plan routine after the holidays), consider taking some time out of your week to come volunteer at the YMCA and take part in events that will make a positive impact on your community. Each year the Y plans exciting programs and special events to bring hope, raise awareness, have fun, strengthen others, and create a space for individuals to give back to the community—and all of these events require a lot of help from our volunteers. Last year we saw successful events like our “Night for the Y” event and our family-friendly Boo Bash, and the Ward’s Kid’s Zone even got an incredible transformat

Why Give? For The Kids!

The Annual Campaign is an extremely important part of the Camp Wakonda experience allowing deserving children to spend a week being a ‘camper’. Johnny (not his real name) had this to say about Camp on his post-camp evaluation: What were your least favorite activities? “I honestly can’t think of one bad thing from the whole week. Everything was fun in its own way, even the food was awesome!” (He would like to know if the chef would be interested in going to work for his middle school) If you had 15 seconds to tell another family about Camp Wakonda, what would you say? “I not only had an amazing time with all of the activities but also made new friends, was encouraged, learned new skills and w

We Are A Cause

Over the past few months’ members of the ORYMCA staff have shared their “Y” stories to motivate each other during our annual Staff Pledge Campaign. There was a common theme in all of them; that the Y’s financial assistance can change lives, which in turn, has changed theirs. Our staff believes in what the Y does for the community so much that over $35,000 has been pledged to date. You can be a part of making a difference by participating in our 2019 Annual Campaign that officially kicks off in our branches on Feb. 12. All funds raised will serve our community by providing membership and program assistance, camp experiences, before and/or after school care and day camps. Last year alone, the

Be Active Stay Healthy

Ozark Mountain Family YMCA hosted a Nutrition Seminar in December to help our members get started on their health and wellness goals. One of our favorite bits from this event was a fresh perspective on consistency over perfection. Think of every decision you make as a vote towards who you want to be or where you want to be. In an election, it is not the person with all the votes that wins, it is the person with the most votes. This concept can help us extend ourselves a little more grace especially when it comes to our health and nutrition. Strive to be consistently good, verses occasionally perfect. Get started and those votes will carry toward achieving your goals.

Lending A Hand

On a typical afternoon, Peyton Cole, 10-year-old son of Jennifer Strong and Kevin Cole, goes to Bolivar Roy Blunt YMCA’s After School Program. However, during a recent snack time — one of Peyton’s favorite activities, along with hanging out with his friends — things were anything but typical for Peyton. Peyton and his friends tried to see who could eat their snacks the fastest until a friend caused him to laugh. In an instant, Peyton was choking and couldn’t get the food out of his throat. Grayden Morris, 11-year-old son of Michelle and Troy Morris, ran for help as Peyton made his way to the water fountain. Peyton and Grayden were met by after school counselor Tyler Dempsey as he finished a

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