Walk & Wag

Let's connect over our dogs at our community dog walk event! We believe active and connected families make for active and connected communities. 

Don't have a dog? Don't worry! We are working to provide dogs to those who want to walk one that day.


Day: May 5

Time: 11:00 am

Route: From the Y to the

City of Bolivar Splash Park

Cost: Free

Event t-shirt with matching dog bandanna:


(order by April 29) 

Click for rules.

Event information


Carry water for yourself. We will provide water for your pets along the way.


We will walk rain or shine, so be prepared either way.


Each walker may only bring two dogs.


Please do not litter! Please bring baggies for your pet and clean up after your pet and dispose in a receptacle.


Puppies under 3 months, aggressive dogs and female dogs in heat are not allowed to participate.


By participating, you certify that your canine companion is up to date on all vaccinations and licensed.


Skates, roller blades, scooters/razors, bicycles and skateboards are not allowed.


Be sure to keep your pet under your control. Leash length should not be longer than 6 feet.


Please do not be discouraged if you do not own a dog. We are working to provide dogs to those who want to walk one that day.


There will be many other animals and some may become over excited. If necessary, find a spot to rest with your pet so that he/she can calm down. Dogs displaying behavior that may pose a danger to others may be asked to leave the event.

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