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Linda Meeks


Dynamic Aging

March 24, 11:00 am


What if how old you feel in your body is more defined by how you move than by your age? What if you could feel younger, stronger and move better as you age, just by learning to move better now? Now you can learn how. The Dynamic Aging Workshop is for people of any age who want to learn movement and lifestyle habits (and mindset) to maximize their mobility, maintain balance, increase strength and age with grace. Wear something comfortable.

Who should attend?

Everyone benefits from this workshop. Here are just some of the specific ideas we'll explore and more:

  • the can't-be-overstated importance of healthy feet

  • walking and other movement activities for health at any age

  • knee and hip replacements

  • healthy pain-free shoulders

  • core strength

  • maintaining and regaining bone density

  • balance, stability and getting over the fear of falling

  • aging at a cellular level.

Linda Meeks is trained in Health and Wellness Coaching, Restorative Exercise, MELT Method, Nia Technique, and Viniyoga. She holds several certifications. Her classes and techniques teach you how to live happier and healthy and improve the way your body moves and feels. For more information about Linda check her website.

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