Help! I have a new membership, but don't know where everything is.

We recommend that you take a tour of the YMCA if you haven't done so. On the tour, you will become familiar with the entire facility and have an opportunity to ask YMCA staff any questions you may have. Tours are available at any time. Also ask about your free Healthy Lifestyles visit! Inquire at your branch's Welcome Center.

How do I get a locker?

Daily locker service is provided at no charge. Members must bring their own locks. Small kit lockers are available to rent at Springfield branches. Ask at your branch's Welcome Center for details

How do I get started?

To join the 20/20 Membership Program, the new joining member needs to identify the current Y member when signing up for membership and have a member benefit referral form completed. Current Y member must be in good standing as a Y member for at least six months.

Can my child come with me into the locker rooms?

Children of the same gender are allowed with supervision in the locker rooms. Coed groups should use the family changing areas.

Do I bring my own towel?

Towel service is discontinued in order to maintain a healthier environment. Please bring your own towels

Where do I find a trainer?

Professional fitness staff or healthy lifestyle coaches are available by appointment. They can help you with basic equipment, fitness, and nutrition questions. In addition, as a new member, you will receive a free Personal Fitness Program session, in which you are given valuable advice and information on how to begin and stay with the exercise program of your choice. Personal trainers are also available with appointments for one-on-one, extended, personalized work at an additional fee.

Can I bring a guest?

YMCA members are encouraged to bring in prospective members. For this reason, all memberships include unlimited guest passes with a maximum of two guests per member per visit. A single guest may only come a maximum of two times. After that, a day pass must be purchased. Passes will be added to your account electronically after processing.

What if I want to change my membership?

Your monthly bank draft will continue automatically, and you will be notified by mail of any price adjustments. Membership changes must be made at least 10 days before your next draft.

How do I register for a program?

You may register at the Welcome Center in the lobby, on our app or our website. Payment is required at time of registration.

Can I register online?

Yes! We offer online registration for sports programs, membership, swimming lessons, child care programs, and events. You can also make child care payments online too. It's fast and easy!

Can my child come with me while I work out?

Free child care is available in the Y Kids Zone to those with family memberships for up to two hours while you work out.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Members imay put their memberships on hold for a maximum of 3 months following all other branch hold policies.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership. Just go to your local Y and they can assist you.