Dance classes at the Pat Jones YMCA offer a non competition setting for children to learn and engage in the benefits of a high quality program without the high prices of competitive institutions.


Recreational dance program focuses on teaching rhythm and creative movement as well as developing technique in ballet and tap for 3-12 year olds.


Cost: $30/Members; $60/Non-Members

Classes are subject to minimum enrollment numbers

Please contact Colin Barnett at or 417-881-1599 ext. 2207 with questions.


See our policy on staff conduct with minors.

Session Dates

January 7-31**

February 4-28

March 4-April 4

April 8-May 2

May 6-30*

June 3-27

July 8-August 1

August 5-29

September 3-26*

September 30-October 24

October 28-November 21

November 25-December 19

*3-week pricing for Monday classes

Creative Dance

Ages 3-4

This class focuses on developing gross motor skills through the basic loco motor and non-loco motor movements, as well as developing listening skills and how to follow the rules in a class setting. Class will include ballet and soft-shoe tap done with ballet shoes instead of tap to strengthen feet for handling tap shoes in more advanced classes. Class meets Mondays from 5:30-6:30 pm.

Dance 1

Ages 5-6

This class is a tap and ballet class that focuses on building beginning technique of both disciplines. We will go over all basic loco motor and non-loco motor movements, and apply those to ballet. We will learn basic articulation of the feet needed for proper technique and basic tap steps. Class meets Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30 pm.

Dance 2

Ages 7-10

Dancers will begin to form solid technique in ballet and tap. We will learn everything that the Dance 1 does, and go past that to further refine technique. More advanced ballet movement, and tap steps will be taught. Class meets Thursdays from 4:15-5:15 pm.

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