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Martial Arts

Martial Arts at the Pat Jones YMCA is taught by Master Mike Kaylor, who has been teaching for the Ozarks Regional YMCA for over 40 years. This 1-hour class focuses on Karate and Kung Fu.


When: Tuesdays, 7:00-8:00 pm

Ages: 5-14 years

Cost*: $30/Members; $60/Non-Members


*$10 late fee applies after registration deadline


See our policy on staff conduct with minors.


  • What Style is taught? 
    Pai Lum (White Dragon) Kung Fu is the main style. However, students will be exposed to Karate, Ju Jitsu and Kenpo

  • Who is the instructor? 
    Master Michael Kaylor who holds an 8th degree higher level black belt in Pai Lum Kung Fu as well as black belts in several other systems and has been teaching through the Y system for almost 40 years. He is assisted by several Pai Lum black belt holders.

  • How is the class structured? 
    The first 10-15 minutes are spent stretching and warming up. Then the more advanced students are separated from the newest students to allow each group to focus on level appropriate techniques. For the last 5-10 minutes, the children are brought back together for a recap and final exercises.

  • What is acceptable attire? 
    Students are NOT required to purchase uniforms. It is best to see if the child is going to stay in the program before purchasing a uniform. If the child does not have a uniform, clean, loose fitting clothes are perfectly acceptable. Pants are preferred over shorts.

  • What is the belt progression? 
     Students start off without a belt. After 8 weeks of classes, the student will be given an opportunity (if they choose) to test and demonstrate a certain skill set. If they pass that test, they will be awarded their white belt. After another 8 weeks of classes, they can test for yellow belt. After yellow belt, the progression will depend on their development, independent of he number of classes attended. The overall belt progression is: White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, 3 levels of Brown Belt, and then Black Belt. 

  • Will my child be required to test, spar, or break boards?
    No, a child will not be required to test. They can remain at their current rank for as long as they wish. Opportunities to spar will be made available, with suitable protective gear and parental permission required, but sparring is NOT required. Board breaking is not required, but opportunities to break boards will be made available as well.  

  • Are there ever any additional fees?
    Fees may apply for testing, belt progression and tournaments. Your instructor will let you know of any additional fees. Please ask him for current rates.

  • Does the Y ever cancel class?
    Yes. In case of inclement weather, call the weather hotline at 417.881.8000. If there is no current message, participants will meet at the scheduled time.


Please contact 417-881-1599 ext. 2207 with questions.

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