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Massage Therapy




Types of Massage:

30-Minute Head, Neck & Shoulder: $30

60-Minute Specific to your needs: $45

90-Minute When you need more time: $55


Thai Massage

90 Minutes: $55


Chair Massage

Not a lot of time? A couple minutes is all it takes: $1 per minute


Foot Rejuvenation

Foot soak, sea salt scrub, followed by foot and leg massage, 30 minutes: $30


Special deals:

Buy 10 30-minute massages: $275

Buy 10 60-minute massages: $425

Buy 10 90-minute massages $500


Call to set up your appointment today! Dale Nimmo, Licensed Massage Therapist, Sports, Swedish, Thai, Pain (neuromuscular), on-site chair, 417-773-2921.


Need to unwind after a stressful day or work out the kinks from your new workout routine? Our Massage Therapist, Dale Nimmo, is here to help!


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