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12 Weeks of Fitness

Want to learn more about fitness, engage with a knowledgeable wellness coach and become more active? Our 12 Weeks of Fitness Program is here for you!

During the 12 weeks you will:
• Meet with a Wellness  Coach periodically
• Create goals with your coach
• Monitor your progress with assessments from your Wellness Coach
• Receive cardiovascular and strength workouts specific to your goals
• Get support and motivation while getting fit

Regular physical activity can help:
• Control our weight
• Reduce our risk of some diseases and cancers
• Strengthen our bones and muscles
• Improve our mental health and mood
• Improve our daily abilities and prevent falls, if we are an older adult
• Increase our chances of living longer

Register today and get started on your 12 weeks of fitness!  Just stop by the front desk and we will be happy to help you with registration!


Ages: 12 and up

Fees:  $15/YMCA Members; $30/Non-Members
Financial Assistance is available

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