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100 Mile Swim Challenge

Splish Splash: 0-20 miles

Making Waves: 21-40 miles

Hitting Your Stroke: 41-60 miles

Going the Distance: 61-80 miles

Master of the Pool: 81-100 miles

Happening now through December 31, 2018, our lap swimming challenge is just the thing to keep you motivated! Swim at your own pace in the Lebanon Family YMCA pool. Simply keep track of the laps you swim during each workout and record your mileage on the tracking sheet. After each workout, have a lifeguard or other YMCA staff member sign your tracking form. Earn a cool shirt, fun prizes along the miles and great bragging rights when you complete your 100 miles!

Challenge ends: December 31, 2018

Fee: $30

Length: One length of the pool is 25 meters

Mile: 1,600 meters or 32 laps or 64 lengths

Goal: 100 miles (160,000 meters or 3,200 laps or 6,400 lengths)

Contact Dawn Decker at 417-588-1177 or with questions.

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