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Before/After School Programs


YMCA Before/After School is a structured program with time for kids to start homework, engage in active fun and enjoy a snack with friends.  Studies show participation in after school programs help boost school attendance, academic performance and reduce gaps in academic achievement.


Each day kids will have the opportunity to finish homework, read a book, play a quiet game, draw, color, etc. during quiet time. Kids will have the opportunity to stretch their muscles in physical activities in either individual play games or group games. Free time is provided for children to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Click here to see our policy on staff conduct with minors



Program begins at 6:30 am until school starts, and immediately after school until 6:30 pm.



Cedar Ridge 

Buchanan Elementary


Program is in session during regular school days, Monday through Friday throughout the school year.

Start Date: August 29th, 2022



Tuition: There are no rate reductions for absences - payments cover your child's spot. Monthly fees are broken up into two tuition payments, made on the 1st and 16th of the month.

YMCA Family Member rates:

Full-time am: $46/bi-weekly

Full-time pm: $55/bi-weekly

Non-YMCA Family Member rates:

Full-time am: $60/bi-weekly

Full-time pm: $70/bi-weekly

Financial Assistance:

Available for students who meet the established criteria. You may request financial assistance when you register in person or online.

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