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YMCA Photo/Audio Visual/Narrative Release

Consent & License. For my participation in activities to be conducted by the National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations of the United States of America (“YMCA of the USA”) or any of its chartered member associations in the United States (collectively “the Y”), and collaborating third parties, I consent, now and for all time, to the making, reproduction, editing, broadcasting or rebroadcasting of:

• video film or footage of me,

• sound track recordings of me

• photo reproductions of me

• any narrative account of my experience

My consent includes a perpetual license to the Y and collaborating third-parties for the use of the above materials for publication, display, sale or exhibition in promotions, advertising, education and commercial uses. Use includes reproductions in any form and media currently existing or later conceived, adaptations and/or revisions, throughout the world in perpetuity.


I understand and agree there may be no additional compensation for this license, and I will not make any claim for payment of any kind from the Y or collaborating third-parties. I may, or may not be, identified in such licensed uses; however, my name will not be used to endorse any particular products or services.


Ownership, Confidentiality, and Shared Use. With respect to any of the above uses, I further agree:

• All works shall belong to YMCA of the USA;

• The Y has no duty of confidentiality regarding any licensed uses;

• YMCA of the USA shall exclusively own all known or later existing rights to the uses throughout the world;

• The Y and collaborating third-parties may use any video film, footage, sound track recordings and photo reproductions of me and/or my narrative account for any purpose without additional compensation to me.


Release from Liability. I agree that my consent is irrevocable. I hereby release and discharge The Y and collaborating third-parties, from any and all claims, actions, lawsuits or demands of any kind arising out of my consent, license grants, uses, or the shared uses of any works or materials referenced herein.

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