Couch to 5K Challenge

In October of 2014, I got this crazy idea to try a new class being offered at the Bolivar YMCA. It was a Couch to 5k class that would consist of two evenings a week with a group plus one day on my own, for eight weeks, ending with a 5k race in Republic the first Friday in December. Ok, I can surely survive that. I haven't run since my senior year in High School, which was in 1997, but surely I wouldn't die, right? The first night we did intervals of: jog 1 minute, walk 4 minutes, for half an hour. Yeah, I thought I would die before it was over! But I came back two nights later with everyone else. I even went out on my own on the weekend like I was supposed to. It was tough, but I survived. Stephanie (Lane), Bolivar Y’s running coach, was there every step of the way telling us we could do it. She has a great training schedule. She is a wonderful, upbeat coach and cheerleader. It's always about us, not her. I have been in two 5k's (one without her) and a 10k since the class began. Stephanie starts the race with us as a group, and then eventually falls back with whoever may be the farthest back in our group and always finishes the race with one of us. She never crosses that finish line ahead of any of us. To her, it's our race; we should finish ahead of her. She doesn't have to do that. She can run laps around each of us in the group if she wants. But she doesn't, she wants us to know we can do it. I'm still really slow, but I'm out there and I always finish. I would have never made it past the first week if it weren't for her attitude. In fact, I am starting my third session with her in a few days. We are training for a half-marathon. I know CRAZY, right?

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