Kadyn's Wish

I wanted to write to again express our sincerest thanks and appreciation for what you put together for Kadyn. She is still over the moon and has not stopped talking about it. That day she came home gushing to her twin brother and cousins that she "got to take a REAL gymnastics class! A class! There was a beam, trampoline, and both sets of bars! It was the best day of my life! AND I get to take real lessons starting on Tuesdays!!!" Cystic Fibrosis is a disease we knew very little about when our twins were born 6 years ago. Kadyn was sick from the very beginning so we had a major crash course. There are a lot of things Kadyn simply cannot do because of her compromised immune system. Although hard at times, Kadyn has really come to understand why she cannot do a lot of "germy" things. When her cousins and friend started taking gymnastics it was the first time that Kadyn really took the news that she couldn’t participate hard. She wanted so badly to be able to take the class with them. She asked me almost every night to show her some gymnastics. She asked her cousin, Harlow, to teach her every time they were together (which is a lot). Finally, Kadyn took things into her own hands and decided to teach herself. She watches "how to" YouTube videos constantly. As a mom, I was so impressed by her commitment and drive. She doesn't get frustrated... she just becomes more determined. I can't tell you how incredible it was to watch her during her private lesson. My heart literally felt like it was about to explode. She was hanging on every word and excited for each new exercise. You all truly made her dream come true. There are not enough thank you's in the world to truly express how grateful we feel. Learning about the classes, the open air and clean environment, it was all icing on the cake. She has asked me every day when she gets to start. I hope you all know what an impact you made on this 6 year old little girl. Your kindness and generosity is beyond measure. We appreciate you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you, Ryan, Katie, Koy and (especially) Kadyn

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