Summer Fun in Dallas County

The Dallas County After-School Program kids have the privilege of attending many field trips and will be participating in many other trips/events thanks to the 21st Century Grant given to our district. Our school is very fortunate to have this grant, as it enhances our programs, allows for a richer experience, and provides supplies for science experiments and other learning activities. Our program currently runs 70+ students throughout the school year and during summer school. Our trips have included the Branson Scenic Railway, Skyzone, Incredible Pizza and the Springfield 11 Theater. For summer school our students will attend Fantastic Caverns, The Tiger Sanctuary, be visited by the Abra-Kid-Abra magician group out of St. Louis, laser tag, plus many more fun trips! During a normal after school day, students participate in archery, pottery, science experiments, kids in the kitchen and many other fun activities!

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