At Camp Wakonda, "I'm Third"

YMCA Camp Wakonda- Social Responsibility is built into the core of all we do at Camp Wakonda. Starting with our ‘I’m Third’ camp motto our campers learn to put ‘God first in their lives, others second and themselves Third.’ Our college age staff learn this motto during staff training along with the YMCA core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Faith & Friendship begin to embody them and create a Camp Culture based on these principles. Long before the campers arrive the staff is looking out for one another so when the campers do arrive they immediately notice how different camp is from almost anywhere else.

Seeing their counselors, who they look up to and revere, living in a selfless way and treating others with respect and caring gives the campers a glimpse of how to behave socially responsible. As they grow in self confidence and esteem they are more likely to take these values with them and practice them at home and school. As campers return to camp year after year, these ideals become second nature. We hope campers will eventually return as staff members to pass these standards on to the next group of campers.

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