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Healthy looks different on everyone, and at the Pat Jones Y, our personal trainers aim to help members with their fitness goals, no matter what they might be. For some, that means an aesthetic goal—maybe dropping ten pounds, or fitting in to a pair of pants from another time—for some, like member Vivian Wasson, it simply means being able to learn functional movements to help with day-to-day tasks.

In April 2015, Wasson had brain surgery, and her world changed. Though she’d been a member since 2008, she now found that she had to spend most of her time in bed, recovering. “That was really all I could do,” Wasson says. “I was letting my brain heal.” Wasson originally found her home in Silver Sneakers classes, but after her surgery, she wanted some one-on-one attention. Her biggest goal? Functional movement. The surgery took away her ability to do some basic tasks. Balance and being able to get in and out of her car when her husband dropped her off at the Y were her biggest areas of concern. “I just wanted to be able to get in and out of the car quicker,” she says. “I was so slow!”

She now trains with Personal Trainer Traci Jarman three days a week. She soon met her goal of being quicker in and out of the car, and now has bigger goals: being able to take one of Jarman’s Gentle Yoga classes. Jarman agrees that functional fitness, especially for the Active Older Adult population, is a huge part of why she’s so passionate about helping members achieve their goals. We’re not talking about helping someone become a body builder, she says, “We’re helping people have more stability and balance.” Seniors have a tendency to fall, she says, and a strong core helps them get back up off the floor, which helps with longevity and a senior’s ability to live longer by him or herself.

“Keep it simple,” Jarman says. If you have a mobility goal, a qualified personal trainer will know a weighted or floor exercise that will help strengthen that area of the body. “We can help make people stronger in their lifestyle,” she says. “Honestly, keeping it simple is the basis for any functional movement exercise program.”

And for Wasson, this is huge. “Make sure to tell your personal trainer your goals, and make them specific,” she says. “Allow them to fashion a program using their professional judgment.”

Whether that goal is to get big and buff or simply find ways to move better and live longer, the Ozarks Regional YMCA personal trainers know just how to help any member.

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