Strength and Confidence

I have been morbidly obese almost my entire life. I have been on many diets starting at ten years old. My highest weight was 435 lbs. I started this weight loss journey in December 2014. My husband bought me a membership to the YMCA to try to lose the weight (with exercise) instead of getting gastric bypass surgery.

I am so forever grateful of him for doing that for me. He too has struggled with things in his life and used exercise to help him feel better. We have both found a love for fitness we never thought we would have. I met Jill Kleier, my trainer, when I got a few free sessions from the YMCA. This woman has changed my life. I don’t think there has been a more supportive person of my journey than her outside of my family. She supplied me with the tools to change my life. She literally saved my life.

I can’t describe how grateful I am for the YMCA and all the instructors; Erica, Holly, Aracelli, Jay, Rachel and Misha and especially Jill. They treated me like a person from the very start and loved me for who I was not what I looked like.

The YMCA has become a home away from home for me. I am closing in on my weight goal. I am at 160lbs. My goal is 145 lbs and am down a total of 275 lbs. It’s not just about the weight loss that has benefitted me from this membership, but how I got my self esteem back, friends, and an amazing support group. I will forever be grateful for the YMCA for that.

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