Way to Y-Bee

Who are the Y Bees? They are a dedicated group of volunteers comprised of YMCA Camp Wakonda Alumni, their family, friends and other philanthropists. For the past 30 years the Y Bees have gathered over the long Labor Day Weekend to assist camp in whatever areas were needed. The Y Bees have built or made renovations and repairs on every building and structure in camp. They are an incredible group of men and women who run the entire weekend, they work with the camp director to plan the projects, order and purchase materials, order and purchase the food, prepare, serve and clean up meals and work hard all weekend to have projects completed by Monday morning!

This year’s ambitious efforts included adding a rustic roof to the tool shed to create a space for the donated meat smoker and summer camp drama hut; (which the Y Bees built years ago), building a custom guardrail system for the new dam; installed new double doors on the south side of the dining hall and added new benches at Chapel Rock, as well as building 25 additional benches to be placed around camp.

They are a true blessing to Camp and have made sure Camp Wakonda continues to grow and flourish. You can visit them at their website www.ybees.org. Thank you Y Bees!

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