A Plan For Better Health

Monett Area YMCA - In March of 2012, 65-year-old Dennis Burge weighed in at 253 pounds, clinically obese for his 6-foot-tall frame. He was always tired, had a BMI of 34, was pre-diabetic and had alarmingly high blood pressure.

Five years and 80 pounds later, Dennis is transformed.

He started with the Paleo diet, joined the Monett Area YMCA, educated himself and never looked back! Now that Dennis has regained his health, he is able to play basketball again – something he hadn’t done for 40 years and thought he would never be able to do again. You can find him at the Y playing full-court basketball 3-4 times per week with men half his age.

“I have more energy now than the Energizer bunny, and am in the best shape of my life,” he says.

Besides getting healthy, Dennis has written “The Pilgrim’s Plan,” a book about his journey to wellness, based on his experience, research and weight-loss strategies.

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