Membership Spotlight: Cynthia Lipscomb

At the Y we are more than a gym and swim, we are a family. Member Cynthia Lipscomb says her Y journey started at the Ward Downtown YMCA in 2009. She came for group exercise classes, but stayed for the community she found.

“It’s like a family here,” Lipscomb says. Originally, she came to try out Yogalates with a friend. Eventually that turned into trying spin with Susie Turner. Even when her friend moved to Chicago, Lipscomb stayed, because she was starting to make new friends during her new lunch time group exercise hobby. “It was always the same people, and I noticed everyone was friends,” she says. The group soon took her in and made her one of their own. “It was fun and made the workout go faster,” she says. “You start commiserating about how horrible the class is,” she jokes. Don’t get her wrong. By horrible, she means fun and effective in keeping her fit and healthy.

“I don’t come here for the building. I come here for the instructors.” The classes are always different, always effective and sometimes difficult, too. “I’ve really just always been happy with the Y.”

Like Lipscomb, others find community in the group exercise classes at our locations. At the Downtown Y, members can choose from 50 classes, and at the Pat Jones YMCA, members get 100 classes. All of the classes are free to members, unlike many other gyms in town.

In addition, our YMCAs are the only places to find Les Mills classes, including BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®, CXWORX®, GRIT® and SPRINT®. This month, the Downtown Y also introduced BodyStep with Les Mills trainer Lisa Gregory. This high-intensity interval training class uses steps to give you a full-body workout that targets the glutes and thighs especially.

Now, Lipscomb enjoys her Y family even outside of the building. She regular bikes the trails in Springfield with her Y friends, goes for meals and other social events and “we’ve just grown together,” she says.

Now she’s excited for her daughter, Kathryn, to get to enjoy the Y community with before and after school care as she enters kindergarten.

Whether it’s a baby visiting the kids zone so mom can work out or a senior finding community in drinking coffee with fellow members after a Silver Sneakers workout, everyone is welcome, and everyone always belongs at the Y.

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