Many Kinds of Health

Monett Area YMCA- The Game Room at the Monett Y isn’t just for kids. Many adults come to shoot a game of pool, play ping pong, or play other games. A very regular sight in the early afternoon are Bob and Rose Brown, who live just south of Aurora. Bob and Rose have been coming to the Y for the past three years since Bob started dialysis. They came at first so he could get healthier. Each time the come they use a combination of strength machines and a recumbent elliptical, treadmill, or walk on the track. During the 22 years they’ve been married, going camping has been a favorite activity. They continue to do this, but aren’t able to travel as far from home anymore due to Bob’s health. They found that playing pool was a new good way to spend some time together. It had been 30 or more years for Bob and 45 or more for Rose since they had played when they started. Bob says that the Y is a good place for playing pool and Rose also likes playing the shot clock basketball game.

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