Member Spotlight: Maxine Bridges

Meet Maxine Bridges. In February of 2003, Maxine joined the YMCA as a Silver Sneaker member. At age 90 Maxine participates in Silver Sneakers Classic at least 3 times a week.

Teaching her is such an amazing thing for me. She is an inspiration! She started exercising regularly in 1993 at the Community Center in Branson 3 times week. She volunteers at the

public Library Thrift Shop 4 times each month.

Her advice for staying healthy is to eat healthy and stay active. Her mother, who lived to the age of 106 gave her the advice never to worry; it doesn’t do any good. She said that she has followed her mother’s advice and she is not a worrier. Maxine just planned a trip to go on a Danube River Cruise in Europe.

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