Finding the Right Path

Landing a job is a tremendous milestone for young people. Hannah Davidson is a great example. She was about to finish college and look for a teaching position when she accepted a part-time job at the Roy Blunt YMCA of Bolivar as an after school counselor. She didn't realize that her life was about to change and open up to new possibilities.

Hannah says, "The connection that forms with the kids and the positive effects it can have in their lives fills my heart." She has gone on to become a site supervisor of the program. Not every youth development program we offer is for younger children. Youth development is also dipping a toe into the workforce. Steady work fosters the development of time management skills and appreciation of financial resources.

As Hannah helps kids learn and appreciate our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility she is also reinforcing them in herself. The Y especially has a focus on working and developing teams that support each other. Preparing Hannah and other young people for the workforce is another way the Y helps build a better community.

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