Member Spotlight: Pete Staudt

Pete Staudt is employed by Jack Henry & Associates and is another long time Y member.

Pete says he began going to the old Armory Building on Euclid Ave. to join in on regular lunch hour basketball games. When the building became the location for the Monett Area YMCA, he decided to get a membership so he could continue to play basketball. Thus, he has been a member since there has been a Y in Monett.

When asked what areas of the facility have been most beneficial to him, Pete says that, even though he initially joined to play basketball, he now regularly takes advantage of some of the classes that are offered, such as BODYPUMP, Yoga, Insanity, and TurboKick, and has even been known to “rock” a Zumba class, on occasion! The Wellness Area, with its weight and cardio equipment, is other area of the facility where you will see Pete on a regular basis.

Though he says there isn’t really a defining moment when he knew he’d made the right decision to join the Y, Pete says that his stats from his yearly physical and the fact that he feels so good in the afternoon, following his lunch hour workout, are evidence that being a member IS beneficial physically. He added that because he has met so many people through his Y membership, it has helped him socially as well.

When asked on a scale of 1 to 10, where he feels his fitness/wellness level is, Pete says he is a 9, compared to a 5, before becoming a member and therefore, encourages others to join. Why? He says there are so many options to choose from at the Monett Area YMCA, when beginning a healthier lifestyle; give yourself time to find a wellness route that suits you best!

Last, but certainly not least, Pete contributes his dog “Bella” for adding to his fitness level. Bella makes sure she walks him (Pete) several times a day in the neighborhood for that EXTRA fitness push!

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