The Support of Friends

Jennifer Woodward, Corie Post, Ashley Bailey, and Tracy Rhea are all busy moms who also happen to be Y members. On most days, you will see these ladies walking into the building with their children & heading first toward the kids’ zone, game room, or gym before ending up in the wellness area or in a group exercise class to begin their workouts. Jennifer, the instigator, having been a member for some time, asked her three good friends to join going to the Y with her about a year ago. Ashley, known to be a great competitor, likes to attend the group exercise classes because she says they challenge her to work even harder. Ashley’s three sons use the gym and game room with the same competitiveness of their mom Corie, who has a son, Hays, 20 months, & daughter, Hadley, 7, uses her Y membership to stay in shape, along with utilizing the swim lessons offered, for both kids. And Tracy, being very self-disciplined has been known to wake up & attend a 5:45am BODYPUMP or Cross Training Class, if it is the only time she has that day, to get her workout time in. So although each of these ladies DO, on occasion, end up @ the Y at different times and for different reasons, they say they still rely on each other for support and are at their best when they can come together. Their advice to potential members, is to come with a friend (or 2 or 3) because then you will feel accountable to get to the Y, so as to support your friend(s). Finally, as mothers of growing children, these ladies say the Kids’ Zone is a fun and safe environment to have young children stay while doing your workout & that the many youth sports & programs offered by the Y is definitely worth a family membership!

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