Giving By Doing

As you welcome in the new year with exciting goals and fun plans (and, perhaps, a new workout and meal plan routine after the holidays), consider taking some time out of your week to come volunteer at the YMCA and take part in events that will make a positive impact on your community.

Each year the Y plans exciting programs and special events to bring hope, raise awareness, have fun, strengthen others, and create a space for individuals to give back to the community—and all of these events require a lot of help from our volunteers.

Last year we saw successful events like our “Night for the Y” event and our family-friendly Boo Bash, and the Ward’s Kid’s Zone even got an incredible transformation thanks to a group of volunteers who offered their time and painting expertise for a day. Our volunteers make so much possible!

In fact, we want to shine a spotlight on all of our volunteers who come out each year to set up events, run kids’ booths, care for our building, raise funds, coach teams…and do countless other things. The saying, “it takes a village,” holds a lot of meaning to us here at the Y, as we couldn’t do it without the countless contributions from our amazing volunteers.

Did you know that today in the U.S., the Y has nearly 600,000 volunteers who, in partnership with Y staff, engage 22 million individuals each year through unique programs and events? Last year alone, our volunteers were a huge support and a vital piece in making events possible and in keeping us going from day to day.

The YMCA was founded on the idea that “by bringing neighbors together to advance the common good, we can improve lives and strengthen communities”—and that’s why volunteerism has such a key role in advancing our mission. It takes a lot of work to do the things we do, and every individual who takes time out of their day to help makes a huge difference. Our volunteers bring smiles, laughs, and strength to our Y community in a way that nothing else can.

Want to become a YMCA volunteer this year? We look forward to meeting you! There are plenty of fun opportunities coming up at the Y, and we need YOU! Whether you can give one evening to help with an event or an hour every week, your contribution makes a huge impact on our community.

Come volunteer at the Y this new year and make friends, give back, and become a part of something bigger! To sign up as a volunteer, visit

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