Why Give? For The Kids!

The Annual Campaign is an extremely important part of the Camp Wakonda experience allowing deserving children to spend a week being a ‘camper’.

Johnny (not his real name) had this to say about Camp on his post-camp evaluation:

What were your least favorite activities? “I honestly can’t think of one bad thing from the whole week. Everything was fun in its own way, even the food was awesome!” (He would like to know if the chef would be interested in going to work for his middle school)

If you had 15 seconds to tell another family about Camp Wakonda, what would you say? “I not only had an amazing time with all of the activities but also made new friends, was encouraged, learned new skills and was taught lessons from the Bible.”

Mom went on to say, “I can’t thank you enough for the experience that you all have given to Johnny. It has been 3 days and he’s still thinking of stories to tell us. His counselors made a big impact on him (Thank you Dan and Derek!). He even made the comment that he would like to work towards being a counselor someday. I loved his answer when I asked about his least favorite activity. It’s not always easy to send your kiddos away for 6 days but when they come back with that response, it makes a moms heart happy!”

"We are so thankful to have the opportunity to send him to a place with such amazing people and opportunities. I know it takes a lot of great people to make this such a great experience. We appreciate ALL of you and your efforts!”

Johnny is a camper who was able to attend camp through funds donated as part of the Annual Campaign. Johnny along with 417 of our 545 campers (77%) received some form of financial assistance. Camp is blessed with generous donors who provide the funds to allow all of the children to experience the transformation that a week at camp delivers. Camp offers ‘tiered’ pricing which allows families to choose between three rates, the first being the full cost of camp, the other two are subsidized by the annual campaign to bring them up to the full price. Beyond this camp also offers financial assistance up to 90% for those families that need additional support. Large or small, 100% of each donation goes directly to sending campers to camp. Camp also does it’s part to fill the financial assistance account. Last year Camp Wakonda received $44,985 in the form of grants from The YMCA of the USA and private foundations.

If you would like to learn more about how you can assist with monetary donations or volunteer opportunities please visit our website www.campwakonda.org or contact Steve Maynard, 417-830-2131.

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