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Y Scholastic Support Center

The Y Scholastic Support center is a structured program to support virtual learning with onsite tutors.   Students will engage in active fun and enjoy breakfast, lunch and a snack with friends. The Y will create a physically and emotionally safe and welcoming environment for all youth.  Students are encouraged to think critically, make decisions and solve problems. 

Families are seen as partners in the child's development and are provided opportunities to strengthen the family unit and give the family and the YMCA the opportunity to work, play, learn and thrive together.

Please call 417-862-8962 or contact 

for questions.


Click here to see our policy on staff conduct with minors



Pat Jones YMCA 


7:00 am - 6:00 pm




Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Provided

Registration now Available!



Monthly Program

Member Rate:  $60 

Non-Member Rate:  $80 

Financial Assistance: Available for students who meet the established criteria. You may request financial assistance when you register in person




· We will closely adhere to the CDC’s and Greene County Health Department’s recommendations for sanitation. Groups will be asked to sanitize and disinfect all table surfaces, sports equipment, and any other material that is used during program after each use. Additionally, Program Directors will do routine sanitation checks; ensuring that all program space has been disinfected and cleaned after use. Staff will take children’s temperatures each morning.


· Anyone with a temperature of 100.0 or higher will be sent home until their fever has subsided for 72 hours without medication.


· Staff will routinely clean areas in which children play and equipment used by the group.


· Equipment may not be shared between groups unless it has been disinfected.


· We will practice social distancing by encouraging children not to touch each other, stay six feet apart, and not share items from home.


· Hand washing will be done frequently and hand sanitizer will be utilized.


· Staff will wear masks around children and will serve as an example to health and safety precautions.


· Both staff and participants to the program will be screened daily as they enter. Screenings will consist of checking temperatures, questions regarding any recent symptoms involving any illness, and required hand washing.


· All groups will also be limited to a 1:14 ratio; each group having their own home station where program activities will take place. 

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