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Summer Day Camp FAQ

Q: Who do I contact when I have questions, comments or concerns?

For information regarding your child’s program, please contact your Program Director.


For Billing Information:

Sheena Malen

Account Specialist

417-862-8962 ext. 2126


For Financial Assistance (State & Y) Info:

Amanda Black

SAS Business Manager

417-862-8962 ext. 2126


Q: Who do I call if I don't understand my bill?

Please contact Sheena Malen at 862-8962 ext. 2126 or by email at


Q: Why did the Y stop offering part-time?

The part-time option was underutilized and difficult for Area Directors to staff, therefore it was eliminated.


Q: What is the field trip cancellation policy?

If there is inclement weather or a heat advisory, the Y reserves the right to cancel field trips as appropriate.  We will do our best to give parents a two hour notice when a field trip is canceled.  ‘Like’ the Ozarks Regional YMCA’s School Age Services page on Facebook for status updates on your child’s field trips.


Q: If I am applying for State or Y assistance, why do I have to pay the registration fee and full tuition when I register my child?

Scholarships and state copays are income based and subject to approval.  You are required to pay the registration fee and first full tuition payment so you do not fall behind on your payments and so your account does not have late fees.  Tuition fees are credited based on approval.


Q: Why must I have a minimum of 32 working hours per week in order to receive a scholarship?

The scholarship is designed for those working full-time (32+ hours per week) or going to school full-time (12+ hours during the school year, or 6+ during the summer).


Q: Why is there a maximum enrollment at my child’s Summer Day Camp site?

The Y has a limited amount of physical space available to us at our sites.  We must cap the number of children we can enroll at sites for the children’s safety relative to the amount of physical space we have available.


See our policy on staff conduct with minors.

For Springfield and Clever schools
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