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You do not need to be the strongest, bravest person to be able to defend yourself from harm. Our various YMCA self-defense classes can teach you how to respond when a dangerous situation arises. Awareness, confidence, verbal and physical self-defense techniques are all skills we can learn.

Self-defense is much more than just hitting an attacker to protect yourself.


Benefits of self-defense include:

  • Self-Confidence

  • Situational and Self Awareness

  • Verbal and Physical Techniques


Classes are on Thursdays & beginners are more than welcome!

These will be taught by David Mizell.  David has taught self-defense classes for 36 years. The class will take place in three sessions.  The classes will teach awareness to avoid potentially dangerous situations and how to defend yourself against an attacker.


Youth Classes (Ages 12 - 18) 5 PM - 6 PM. 

Adult Classes (18+) 6 PM - 7 PM


Program Fees


Non-Member Rate:


Family Member Rate:

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