What is the Better Together Membership Program?

This Better Together Membership Program rewards our existing members when they refer friends and family to join the YMCA. Both the member and the friends or family that signs up for the Y will receive a 20% discount off of their individual standard membership rate. That's 20% off you, and 20% off for the person you refer; and the savings are ongoing for every month as long as you continue your membership with the Y.

Why are we starting the Better Together Membership Program?

The Y is a cause driven organization dedicated to strengthening the communities we serve through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. And we can't achieve that goal without our incredible Members! Studies show that those who pursue a healthier lifestyle with the help of friends, family and teammates are more successful in meeting and maintaining their fitness goals. Our Better Together Membership Program aims to bring all our Members to the forefront as advocates for healthier living in their communities; and reward them and their loved ones with ongoing discounts for doing so. When the people of our communities unite for the common good we can achieve anything we set our minds to. We are truly Better Together!

How do I get started?

To join the Better Together Membership Program the new joining member needs to identify the current Y member who referred them when they are signing up, and have a member benefit referral form completed. Current Y member must be in good standing as a Y member for at 30 days.

Does the friend/family member referring me have to be there when I join?

In an effort to get your fitness journey underway, we strive to make joining as easy as possible. The new member who is signing up only needs the name of the person who referred them and a referral card and the savings can begin!

What type of membership is eligible to participate in this program?

Active full facility Adult, Senior, Family and Senior Couple membership on monthly draft are eligible to participate and refer new members. Must be 19 years of age or older to qualify. Silver Sneakers members are not eligible.

Can I refer more than one friend or family member?

There is no limit on the number of friends or family you refer for membership at the Y. However you will only receive discounts for the referral of one individual, and as long as one remains active you will continue to enjoy the 20% savings.

How long is this reduced rate valid?

The reduced rate received from participating in the member benefit program is good for as long as both parties remain members. Should one of you cancel your membership, the remaining member has 30 days to refer another friend or family member to join. The new individual must join within those 30 days or the 20% reduced membership rate will return to the standard rate.

Will the Better Together Membership rate ever increase?

Better Together Membership Program rates will only increase if future membership rates increase. In the event of an overall increase in membership rates, those who signed up with the Better Together Membership rate will continue to see 20% savings on whatever the current standard membership rate is.

If I am joining as a new member during the Better Together program, do I have to pay a joining fee?

Yes, new members joining during the Better Together Membership Program are subject to the standard joining fee.

I referred my friend and they joined. When do we recieve our reduced rate?

The Better Together Membership rate will go into effect when the referred membership is purchased. The new rate for your membership will be reflected in the billing cycle following the date the individual you referred has joined.

Can I add a new family member to my membership and receive the 20% savings?

Adding a new family member(s) to your membership is considered a membership upgrade and does not qualify for Better Together Membership Program rate.

Does my friend or family member have to join the same Y location?

Not at all!

The Better Together Membership rate is available at all 8 full facility branches of the Ozarks Regional YMCA.

I am currently receiving financial assistance. Can I refer a friend for this program?

Aboslutely! We encourage all our members to take this opportunity and help us to make our community a healthier place to live. Should your friend or family member decide to join they will receive the Better Together Membership Program rate for the membership category they select. Your membership will remain at your standard financial assistance rate or be reduced to the Better Together Membership rate, whichever provides better savings to you. As always, if finances are a barrier, anyone can apply for financial assistance for membership.

I have a free (Renew Active/SilverSneakers) membership. Can I refer someone for the Better Together Membership Referral Program?

Unfortunately the Better Together Membership does not apply for Silver Sneakers members at this time.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Members in the Better Together Membership Program may put their memberships on hold for a maximum of 3 months following all other branch hold policies.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership if I am part of the Better Together Membership Program?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership as long as both members retain an eligible membership type.