Team Gymnastics

The Ozark Mountain Family YMCA Competitive Gymnastics Team is founded on the belief that values gained and lessons learned go far beyond mastering skills and winning competitions. We foster team spirit, good sportsmanship, and the YMCA philosophy of combining spirit, mind, and body for a well-rounded individual.

Boys Level 4

6 hours per week

Monthly fees: $115/Members; $140/Non-Members

Xcel Bronze Purple

4 hours per week


Monthly fees: $75/Members; $95/Non-Members

Xcel Bronze Teal

6 hours per week

Monthly fees*: $115/Members; $140/Non-Members

Xcel Silver

9 hours per week

Monthly fees: $140/Members; $165/Non-Members

Xcel Gold

13 hours per week

Monthly fees: $160/Members; $190/Non-Members

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