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Two easy ways to pull a list of active members for your branch

Option 1:

  • Go to Optime, Membership Reports.
  • Select Membership Active
  • Click on the Select button
  • Click on the blue box on the first line
  • Select Member’Type’Code
  • Click to the Value column, enter in your branch ID # then * (example: Monett would enter 7*) NOTE: if you are only looking for a particular membership type, enter it here.
  • Type AND in the And/Or comumn
  • On the second line, click the blue button again
  • Select Member’State
  • In the Value column, enter the following: A,N,Z,R,M (stands for active, new, renewed, up for renewal, modified) NOTE: do not put spaces after the commas
  • Click OK
  • If desired, you can click the Sort button to sort how you want, otherwise, it will be SF ID#.

If this report isn’t what you are looking for, try option # 2.

Option 2:

The advantage to Option 2 is that you can select which columns will show on your report.

Step 1:

  • Go to Fundtime, Create Select Files
  • Click Select on Mater/Personal Info
  • Click on Saved Criteria
  • Select or type in Act (if saved criteria isn’t listed, use the following fields)
  • The saved criteria should show up with the following fields:
    • 156 = f,m
    • 157 = a,n,z,r,m
    • 235 = 7* (or your branch id #) NOTE: if you are only looking for a particular membership type, you can enter it here.
  • Click OK
  • At the bottom of the screen, enter a name for your Output Select File (if it tells you file already exists, you can either change the name of your file, or choose to replace it
  • Click OK to process the select file

Step 2:

  • Click Letters/Labels/Export
  • Click Export Data to PC Formats
  • In the Saved Criteria box, enter or select Info (If saved criteria isn’t there, you can manually select the fields to include)


  • Click on the Fields to Export tab and select your choices
  • In Process ONLY records in select, enter the name of your select file you created in Step 1
  • Click OK
  • A box called Export Format Options will pop up, you can select any you’d like or none
  • Click OK when you receive the message telling you’re your export file has been created
  • You will then get the Printing Options screen already saying Open With
  • Click OK
  • Your report will open in Excel, make sure all of the info you want to see if showing. If not, go back to the Fields to Export and reselect the fields
  • If this is the info you’d like to see, click File, Save As
  • Click the My Computer icon on the left side
  • Select your local hard drive (example: C on Julie)
  • You can now save the file anywhere you’d like on your pc.

Note: Both of these report options will show all family members, not just the billing member. If you would only like to see the billing member, you can select that while choosing the fields to include.

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