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These Pre-Employment items need to be completed Before Your First Day.

1. We need 3 References (Professional and Personal).

Email this LINK ( ) to all 3 of your References.

*Notify your references that the email is coming and the sooner they complete it for you, the faster  you can obtain employment!

2. We need a State-required Background Check completed due to our child-care license.

a. Register and pay ($14.50) for the Family Care Safety Registry at  

i. Click on the tab Registration & option Register Online:

ii. Click on the tab Is A Person Registered. Enter SSN and security text and click Search. If Found in System, you are finished.

iii. IF Not in System, click Continue and complete entire page following the instructions and pay online.

iv. For Employer: Enter Ozark Regional YMCA

v. Record your Tracking Number and watch for an Encrypted Email from

vi. Unlock your Results in the Email and immediately Forward them to your supervisor.

3. You will receive a “Required Trainings” Email from WBMI West Bend Mutual Insurance.

You must successfully complete:

  • Preventing Workplace Harassment

  • Child Abuse Prevention Training

Your LOGIN ID for the site will be the Email Address that you provided, and your Temporary Password will be ORYMCA2021.

4. Go to the Handbooks and Policies Page and Read all policies and complete ALL Policy Acknowledgements that you have Read and Understand the Policies.

  • Personnel Policy Manual

  • Safety Policy

  • Confidentiality Agreement

5. Go to the New Hire HR Form and complete as much of the form as possible.  You may complete all of it during your first week at work.

 6. Please fill in Page 1 of the  I-9,  if you can print it, and  and bring with you on your first day of work.

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